Discover a couple examples of industries changed by technology and exactly how they were affected.

Discover a couple examples of industries changed by technology and exactly how they were affected.

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Technology has played a vital role in the evolution of a tremendous number of industries. Read on to view some of the most impactful modifications that have taken place.

The procedure of including technology into a business’ systems and procedures has been coined as digitalization by a great many. Effectively, it means to say that a business has made initiatives to overhaul their existing procedures with newer types of technology, as a way to futureproof their operations. The advantages of digitalization in business are numerous: companies can expect more significant levels of efficiency, better overall decision-making abilities and the opportunity to respond far quicker to any concerns or challenges that may arise. The importance of digitalization is further showcased when bearing in mind that brand new systems are continuously being introduced with technology at the helm, meaning that it is essential for businesses to possess the capability to work with newer tools and processes. Industry experts much like one of the leading shareholders in Baidu would most definitely concur with the idea that initiatives should be made to ensure that technological integration occurs, in order to answer the desires of the market.

One of the industries that has been impacted positively by continuous technological integration would be banking. As one of society's oldest industries, the core role of a bank hasn’t transformed much at all over the years. Nevertheless, due to the continuous use of digitalization with newer types of technology, the way that banks are utilized has been streamlined considerably. Features such as online and mobile banking are common, with a great many clients preferring to deal with any purchases through digital systems. Not only does this technology make the procedure much quicker for the customer, there are additional advantages on offer such as more significant levels of security, easier access to information and a more simplified procedure of acquiring any support if need be. The activist shareholder of Bank of East Asia would certainly commend the digitalization that has occurred within the banking sector and exactly how it has helped transform one of the oldest sectors.

It’s spectacular to observe the impact of technology on manufacturing businesses. Historically, mass production was seen as a time intensive task that needed a significant degree of manual labour to achieve positive outcomes. At present, the integration of technology such as AI and robotics has changed the manufacturing industry to a great extent. Robots are in a position to undertake routine tasks with greater accuracy and efficiency than human workers, with the included benefit of being more cost effective in the long run. One of the biggest shareholders in AEye would likely support the idea of introducing AI technology into manufacturing processes, as a way to ensure that efficiency is at a competitive level.

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